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Travel consumers can choose from a dizzying array of lodging options for upcoming trips. Even within the luxury lodging category, choices seem unlimited.

To distinguish themselves from competitors, luxury hotels offer free amenities. Wi-fi really should be free. Same with breakfast or at least tea and coffee. Am I right? Oh, and beach resorts providing beach chairs and umbrellas should also be standard.

Luxury hotels, luxury resorts, and luxury properties tailor and customize experiences or offer unique amenities in order to attract a discerning and affluent audience. Ultra luxury properties step up their game even more to provide really lavish amenities for their guests. Helicopter pick ups and Rolls Royce transfers might even be a starting point to attract the most elite traveler.

With all that said, I compiled this list of fun, cool luxury hotel FREE amenities. Perhaps this will inspire you to consider researching more elegant properties for an upcoming trip. Please let me know of other Great Cool Luxury Hotel Free Amenities.

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By Charles McCool

May 15, 2017

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