Burrata Goes Next Level With These 11 Delicious Upgrades

Located in Staunton, Virginia, The Shack is a 26-seat restaurant and its chef/owner Ian Boden is currently making a Pepperoni Braised Eggplant dish with burrata, crispy okra and okra seed oil. "We consider this a 'high low' dish. Pepperoni is often seen only a topping for pizza, but chefs know the truth: that it’s a complex balance of flavors made with great pork and strong spices. In this dish, that spice complements the meaty eggplant and then we add the cool creaminess of the burrata. We add texture with crispy okra and sweet green flavors from our okra seed oil," says Chef Ian Boden.

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By Aly Walansky

September 20, 2018

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