Does the very idea of waking up whenever the mood strikes, lounging around with coffee (and sneaking in kisses because hey, you’re married, who cares?) and flat-out relaxing for a week (or two) for your honeymoon sound like pure torture? If you and your new hubby are more into grand adventures than you are couples’ massages, but you still want to go somewhere beautiful and tropical, consider making your post-wedding vacay a scuba diving excursion. Not only is exploring the sea life and the rainbow-colored coral a sight you’ll never forget, you can actually use the time to become scuba certified and continue your aquatic exercise habit for many anniversaries to come.

And hey, if you want a mimosa after you spend a few hours drenched in salt water, we won’t blame you. Here, the 22 best places to scuba dive for your honeymoon in every corner of the big, blue ocean.

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By Lindsay Tigar

March 27, 2017

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